GoodShot and Sasha

Goodshot is the golf swing analysis system using AI.

Sasha is our artificial intelligence and she is one year old. Sasha lives in this app "GoodShot".
Sasha is the world's first artificial intelligence golf coach.
Sasha has learned the swing posture of more than 300 professional golfers. (mostly fromPGA and LPGA players)
Once Sasha watches your swing video(slo-mo video is recommended), will find out your swing problems and explain them by drawing and audio at each step.
All this happens automatically.

Just pick one of your swing video and wait. It's easy. :)
Ask Sasha about your swing posture now. Sasha will kindly explain and It's free!

- Total summary : Shows ball tendencies by swing posture and analysis summary.
- Step comment : Shows analysis contents at each swing step.
- AI coaching : Sasha(AI) draws pictures and explains them in audio.
- Statistics : Shows statistics for the last seven analyzes.

Do you want to participate in Sasha's artificial intelligence project? Then show your swing to Sasha. Your swing makes Sasha smarter.

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